Parking and Hotel Stay

Go ahead and take a well-deserved holiday to the destination of your dreams. Spend as much time as you need to recharge and come back refreshed. For some, this means a vacation in the sunny Mediterranean such as the island of Crete in Greece. Their time off could be a short weekend or the whole week. Advance planning will ensure a stress-free break from the regular grind. Book everything ahead of time including the plane tickets, the hotel rooms, the restaurant reservations, the transfers, and so on. You may also want to leave your car in a suitable place such as the gatwick airport hotel and parking.

Extra information about gatwick airport hotel and parking


It can be a hassle to return to the UK and have to ride a cab back home. There are so many people lining up for taxi service which means a lot of wasted time on the queue. When you are carrying heavy luggage, this can be doubly frustrating. If you have a car, then it would be more convenient to leave it somewhere in the airport when you leave. It will be easy to reach upon your return and you can be off to your home in no time at all - no dealing with cab drivers or long queues.


Airport hotels have excellent security services so you can be confident about leaving your vehicle with them for days or even weeks at a time. Access to the parking areas designated for this purpose is restricted so your car will never get in the hands of malicious individuals. You will find it safe and sound upon your return. The parking area will also be sheltered from the elements so there should be no worries even if the weather turns grim in the UK. You can have the time of your life at the beach knowing that everything is going well back home.


There is a misconception that parking at airports will cost a fortune but the reality is that the fees are quite reasonable. It is certainly competitive when you consider what you would pay if you tried other solutions. It may also be possible to strike a deal the longer you plan to leave your car in the area. That is, the usual hourly rates are unlikely to apply. Instead, a much cheaper rate can be given owing to the length of stay. If your ride back home is a particularly lengthy one, then the cost of hiring an airport cab will also be expensive. Overall, you may find that airport parking is still the best option.