Welcome to West Crete Holidays from your hosts, David and Juliet, who've been creating holidays since 1996.

First of all prices here are very stable and so we've been able to keep the same prices for our holidays for 2014.

Now, as always, your holiday time is precious and we aim to provide you with a really good holiday – that is our primary concern.


New Yoga Spaces

Peli Hotel have built us a new all timber outdoor space in the hotel garden. This autumn, 2013 we added ropes and so it is now fully kitted out for Iyengar yoga. 
Mithimna Beach has a spacious covered yoga studio now with an Iyengar Yoga rope wall.


We are really pleased that our holidays have received such local support making our Venues far more pleasant for our Yoga and our Discovery holidays alike  - see photos in Latest News and Venues: Peli Hotel and Mithimna Beach.

If you would like to teach here in West Crete we have a few vacant weeks for your holiday - please contact us


Our holidays provide good value for money not in terms of luxury items but the luxury of having the careful attention which extends to the whole of your holiday. We listen to you and have the skills and know-how so you get the most out of your holiday whether you want to be more relaxed, more healthy or wish to visit a place that's special to you.

Eco tourism

We support the services provided by many local people using family owned hotels, rooms, tavernas and taxis. We encourage energy efficiency, whether it's sharing taxis or using solar power. Juliet has a solar oven – Come and see!

Your choice of holiday

To support our aims, we offer you carefully selected Yoga and Discovery Holidays. Or you can just stay with us: our Simply Accommodation option. Whatever you choose, you will be in peaceful surroundings where you can really relax and unwind. Have a look at our choice, which we are always adding to, so please visit us again if you don't see your holiday right now.

Be re-assured, on all our holidays we offer you a range of health and lifestyle therapies to help you really relax and to get the most out of your holiday.

Fast track to booking

You may wish to find out all about Crete, your hosts, treatments etc, but if you know what you want then you can just follow this easy path:
For Yoga and Discovery Holidays - go to Yoga & Discovery Holidays from the list on the left, then to Prices and What's included, finally to Booking - that's it.
For Simply Accommodation - go to Simply Accommodation from the list on the left, then to Booking - that's it.
However, we'd like to tell you a little about the area – followed by an overview of our Yoga & Discovery Holidays and Simply Accommodation choices and our health work.

West Crete

Our holidays nestle in the Bay of Kissamos between two mountainous peninsulas stretching out into the Mediterranean Sea and marking the northwest corner of Crete. Beaches and inland scenery are truly delightful.

Beaches: The Bay of Kissamos has a long quiet strand of golden, sandy and pebbly beaches where you can walk for miles, hardly seeing a soul. Mithimna Beach is in a quiet, rural part of the Bay with free brollies and loungers. To one end of the Bay is Mavros Molos Beach, a simple crescent of sand where beach brollies and loungers are provided by cafes and again free of charge and readily available. Still in your swimwear you can visit little cafes for a cooling drink in the shade. Whichever beach you choose it shelves gently into the sea so you can stand up after a good swim out. People regularly say that they can't believe how this beautiful area has not been discovered. It's paradise.

Countryside: Behind the beaches the backdrop is of hills and mountains breaking up into gorges and silvery craggy peaks where delightful hill villages perch with their picturesque white-washed churches. This provides for many easy-grade walks along old rural ways with the chance to see birds of prey, wild flowers and pick a fruit.

west crete

While we are away from mass tourism, Chania town and Samaria Gorge are still in easy reach.

Yoga & Discovery Holidaysyoga holidays

We offer Yoga Holidays with a selection of teachers offering lots of different styles including:
  • Iyengar
  • Astanga
  • British Wheel of Yoga
  • Sivananda
  • Classical yoga (TKV Desikachar)
  • Scaravelli inspired yoga
All our yoga holidays include two walks. The Classical yoga holiday includes four walks.

Our Discovery Holidays are of two types:
  • Inner Discovery, where you can expand your personal horizons and learn some tools for living.
  • Crete Discovery, which are holidays of exploration visiting little known archaeology sites and hidden places.
Most Discovery Holidays are lead by Juliet and Dave.

Yoga and Walks
If you would like a yoga holiday with walks every day these are offered in May and October by UK holiday organisations where Juliet teaches the yoga element of the holidays. For the dates please see our Programme and for more information visit the web site shown there.

Venue Choice

Our holidays are held at Mavros Molos Beach or at Mithimna Beach (part of the long strand) and at our home, the Old Olive Mill just 30 minutes walk or an easy bike ride to the beach. Sometimes we link Mithimna Beach with the Mill to get the best of both beach and retreat.

Click here for our Holiday Listings or scroll down to find out about Simply Accommodation and Treatments and Health.

Simply Accommodationsimply accommodation

You may just want to relax and recharge your batteries or come with family and friends, knowing that you will enjoy our gentle support.

Stafilia House

You can stay in our Stafilia House, meaning ‘to friends’ where we offer villa style living. There are both indoor and outdoor living spaces so you can enjoy the fine climate to the full. Stafilia is near to the Mill, where we live, and is divided into a spacious studio and an apartment. You're near the beach and mountains with nature at its best – easy walks and bird watching right from your doorstep and quiet beaches nearby.

We also have a Search Service for hotel/rooms: just tell us what you require: rooms/ambience etc.

Click here to see more about our villa Stafilia House and our Search Service.

Treatments & Healthtreatments & health

Many people come to us wanting better health, more energy, less stress or a coping strategy for their busy lives: ‘Stop the merry-go-round – I want to get off’ is how Juliet sometimes describes it.

Our professional qualifications include aromatherapy and lymph drainage massage and Kinesiology. Our forte is in our ability to listen, the depth of our understanding and our ability to provide treatments which are effective in the short time you have with us – your holiday.

Our supportive service to you is deepened by the peace and stillness that exists, particularly at the Mill and Stafilia House, and through our own extensive yoga and meditation practice.

Click here for a full list of our treatments.